Yo! Raps the best hip-hop website?

Last Sunday, online hip-hop magazine Yo! Raps was awarded the “Best Website” prize at the 2008 Underground Music Awards.  Apparently, it beat out competitors Ballerstatus.com, Sixshot.com and internet heavyweight HipHopDX.com.
Admittedly, I’d never heard of the Underground Music Awards, so I was unsure whether to take this bestowment seriously.  After all, these competitions are often based on fan polls, meaning the entries best able to organize their supporters tend to win.  Moreover, to say that there is a glut of hip-hop websites is an understatement of criminal proportions.  In fact, a Google blog search of the word ‘hip-hop’ (maybe not the most scientific methodology) returned a cool 40,168,685 hits.

Nevertheless, I decided to give the reigning UMA champ a shot and headed over to yoraps.com to see what they’re all about.

After digging around for a few minutes I was actually quite impressed.  It’s undeniably comprehensive, and its content seems fairly exclusive.  For example, check out this tune they posted – “Jockin’ Jay Z” by Hov and Kanye.  Apparently it’s going to be included on Jay’z much anticipated “The Blueprint 3.”  Anyways, while I’m not sure Yo! is the best hip-hop site out there, it’s certainly good enough to merit some serious attention.

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