Hip-hop tribute to Isaac Hayes

Tributes to Isaac Hayes are popping-up across the internet.  Check out this particularly good one, courtesy of Original Underground Hip Hop, which features hip-hop treatments of some of Black Moses’ greatest tunse.

Haroon Al-Qahtani – A Hip Hop Tribute To Isaac Hayes


01. Theme from Shaft (Haroon’s B-Boy Remix)
02. Hung Up On My Baby (Geto Remix)
03. No Name Bar (Tuff Remix)
04. Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic
05. The Look of Love (Ed’s Remix)
06. Do Your Thing
07. Ike’s Mood Pt. 1
08. Walk On By
09. The Primo and Pete Suite: One Woman, Windows of the World, Ike’s Rap

Via: Original Underground Hip Hop and bang the box.