Muxtape shut, Pandora almost dead

Previously, we’ve reported on  A site that lets you compile an online mixtape for free.  It hosted tons of music that anyone could stream and add to their lists, so it’s no real surprise that things have started to get a little tough on them.

Accordidng to Pitchfork, Muxtape reports that they are sorting out a little “problem” with  the RIAA, but are not yet facing a complaint.  Somehow I’m not so convinced about the last part,  so we’ll have to see how that goes.

In related news, amazing music site Pandora, which for a while now has been US-only, is seconds away from shutting down entirely.  The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) in the US has upheld a decision to hike royalty rates, which means this poor internet radio company can’t possibly afford to pay them.  That decision was that internet radio stations need to consider each streaming user a separate “performance” of the song.  So if 500 people stream your station, that’s 500 performances you need to pay for.  According to NPR, this results in nearly 20 times the expense.  That’s a huge increase!

So wave goodbye to your favourite online radio station.  It can’t possible last long.

[Sources: Pitchfork, Gizmodo]

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