World’s biggest record collection NOT sold

Despite our update a long time ago, the World’s largest record collection is actually still unsold.

We had reported that a buyer in Ireland had purchased it on eBay.  However, it sounds as if that deal had fallen through.  Idolator is reporting that the bidder claimed someone had spoofed his login, and that he’d never intended to bid.  Sounds a bit like bullshit and cold feet, to me.  But then again, stranger things have happened, so I’d like to give the bidder the benefit of the doubt.

So now, a collection of a couple million albums is still languishing somewhere, waiting to be sold.  Talks with museums have failed, and he doesn’t seem to have any other serious bidders.

Here’s a documentary a man named Sean Dunne made about the collection:

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

Here’s hoping someone picks it up.

[Source: NahRight]

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