Death Row Records NOT sold

As a quick update to a previous post, reporting that Death Row Records had been sold at auction, it turns out that the sale has been annulled. is reporting that the deal failed after a lawsuit by trustees of the label and members of Suge Knights estate.

I guess the argument is that the company that promised to buy the label hasn’t yet paid anything, and instead has just been asking for extensions.

The crazy part of the story is that shortly after the judge granted the annullment of this contract, the “backup bidder” mysteriously withdrew their bid.  So now Death Row is again languishing, and they’re going to ask the judge to allow them to start negotiations all over again.

So now, dope hits from the 90s are on the auction block.  If you’ve got a few spare million around, I suggest you buy it.  In fact, I’m surprised none of the big hip hop stars (or some movie people) have tried to snatch this  up.   I think owning a back catalogue that includes hits from Pac and Dre and Snoop would be a worthwhile thing.

[Source: AllHipHop]

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