“Kill Bill O’Reilly” single gaining some notoriety

The East Coast Avengers, a hip hop group made up of Esoteric (of 7L & Esoteric fame), trademarc, and DC the Midi Alien, has made been making all kinds of waves lately.

They released a track called “Kill Bill O’Reilly”, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

Michelle Malkin, another conservative commenter and Bill O fan, stood up for him and ignorantly defended Bill against the attacks.   Her infamous quote “Do they have anything better to do?…Rides to pimp? Hos to diss? Bling to steal?” is especially amusing considering those three guys are not exactly known for their gangsterism.

Apparently, according to the Avengers, they’ve been getting a lot of hate mail from conservatives, stuff saying that they “shouldn’t get reparations” and other various racist stuff.  The only issue is that none of them are black.  They’re an all-white hip hop group.

Here’s their rebuttal, a track called Dear Michelle


Eso, proving his versatility, really hits her hard:

Michelle Malkin got a jaw that would maul her own kin
She’s appalled at her own skin, a witch with cauldron
Tellin’ me to “dis hoes” instead of her y’all
That’s like saying let’s “shoot hoops” instead of “basketball”
The same thing, but the insane thing
Is that she’s anti-Obama, rather hear John Wayne McCain sing
Malkin’s a bitch, that ain’t degrading to girls-
That’s degrading to female dogs across the world

The first part of Trademarc’s verse is pretty intense:

(Verse 2- Trademarc)
Michelle Malkin, where the fuck should I start?
You no-heart-having, half-tranny, drag-queen looking manly
Does that seem a little too shallow? I’ll go deeper
You’re truth’s grim reaper, killing the facts
You know your audience of right-wings won’t pick up the slack
And your views on rap are stereotypical black-on-black crime
So stunningly blind, assuming I beat women and did time
When all of my rhymes are so politically driven they’d lose you
Fox used you, posed you as a media outlet from the out-set
Your views on Japanese internment are funny
The same thing Hitler did to Jews but you spun it into positive news

Apparently the Avengers have actually been getting some pretty violent sounding hate mail, even death threats.  So this thing may actually be blowing up pretty fast.  The Anti-O’Reilly, Keith Olbermann, had the Avengers on his show, and even though he had some rough words for Papa Bear, he made it clear that he disagreed with the Avengers, even giving them a short lecture on why no one deserves to have a death song made about them.

Now I’ve gotta say, as much as I hate Malkin and Bill O, I’d never go so far as to say anything like this about them.  They’re evil, sanctimonious, idiots, but no one deserves even tongue-in-cheek death threats.  There’s too many loose people out there who may take it the wrong way.  So while the political parts of these tracks may be dope, I’m thinking they should have come up with a little bit of an angle.

Eso, in his wisdom, has fully acknowledged this.  He’s saying that the controversy that this song ahs stirred up makes a huge difference.  He’s seeing way more hits, downloads, album purchases than ever before.  “If we made a song called ‘Shut Up Bill O’Reilly’ nobody would be talking about this,” Esoteric said. “Naturally we have no plot to infiltrate his house and kill him. But the lies and filth he feathers his nest with need to die a horrible death.”

[Source: Boston Herald]

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