New Common, Foreign Exchange hype, highway rhymes and more

Foreign Exchange, the group comprised of Little Brother’s Phonte and Dutch producer Nicolay, are preparing to release their second album, Leave It All Behind.  In order to build hype for the project, they’ve apparently released a couple of teaser videos.  I’m not exactly sure what exactly they’re trying to convey, but the short clips are interesting nonetheless.  Check ’em out, courtesy of Hip Hop Is Deadly:

FE-LIAB-1 from Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.

Foreign Exchange – LIAB2 from Foreign Exchange on Vimeo

Next up is a tune called “Highway” by Kayda-Luz.  I can’t remember how I found this track, and I don’t have a lot of information about the artist, but the song’s got a nice, laidback vibe that I’m feelin’ for sure.  Dude’s got a nice flow as well, and his introspective rhymes are nostalgic and well-written – a tough thing to do, considering most songs in this vein are sappy and formulaic. 

Kayda-Luz – Highway (?, ?)


Also makin’ waves is the video for Common’s new single “Announcement.”  Although I’m a fan of “Universal Mind Control (UMC),” I was more than a little dissapointed when I first heard this track.  It’s got an electro/’80s throwback feel to it (unsurprising, considering Pharrell produced it), but Common sounds bored, and he looks that way in the vid, too.  In fact, Skateboard P almost steals the show on this joint.  Have a look see:


Image yanked from Soulbounce.

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