Previews of Sticky Fingaz’ Hip-Hop Musicals

According to Film Junk, former Onyx rapper Sticky Fingaz has started making movies.  And just not any movies – hip-hop musicals.  It’s definitely an interesting idea, and it’s been by tried before to modest acclaim.  But Sticky Fingaz’ movies, called A Day In The Life and Caught On Tape, appear less likely to garner much love from critics.  Although they’ve got well known casts, including Mekhi Phifer, Michael Rapaport, Omar Epps, Vivica A. Fox and Cedric the Entertainer, their plots look unoriginal and their characters cliched.  Now I ain’t hatin’, cause I know Sticky Fingaz is charting new territory with these projects, and I support any and all attempts to broaden hip-hop’s horizons.  I just hope the films are more polished than their previews.

Check ’em out below to see what I mean:


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