Pete Philly and Perquisite have the most slept on album of the year

The title of this post says it all.  2007’s Mystery Repeats by Pete Philly and Perquisite is definitely one of the best album’s you’ve never listened to.  The Dutch hip hop duo is getting some mad underground love, even having done a collabo with sometimes-great emcee Talib Kweli.

Mystery Repeats (the single, not the album) has made it’s way up the Dutch charts and is enjoying some major airplay.  If you head over to their Myspace page you can see they’re touring quite a bit too.  You European readers may have a chance to see them live!

This album is straight up all over the place.  A combo of jazz and breakbeats with some weird electro influences on a couple of tracks.  Clap Kick Flow will take you back to the old days.  A mellow beat and harmony layered with what can only be described as a vocal hand clap.  Seriously, it’s overstimulation in a good way.

Just to highlight the diversity, we’ve shown you a couple of tracks below.

For a super upbeat track, here’s Womb to Tomb. Personally, there’s something about the verse around 1:50 of this song that I love.


Here’s Believer.  This is by far the jazziest song on the album and, in my opinion, one of the dopest.


And yes, the album is available on iTunes and some of their older albums are available on Amazon.  Mindstate, their first album, even got tons of love from Epitaph Records.  Also, Remindstate (the remixed version of Mindstate) got some special treatment from our new boy Arts the Beatdoctor.

No joke.  Find this album, any way you can.  It’s worth it.

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