Common makin’ that paper is reporting that Forbes has released their top hip hop cash kings of 2008.  The top is no real surprise, 50, Jay-Z, and Diddy.  This is the first time 50 has won, but it mainly has to do with that massive Vitamin Water sponsorship thing with Coca Cola.

The real news is our boy Common.  He’s made the list and is actually tied for 12th of the biggest earners in hip hop in 2008.  He may have only banked $12 milion (small potatoes compared to Jay-Z’s $82 million), but to put it in perspective that’s more than Jermaine Dupri made this year.

It’s kind of nice to see a good ol’ underground emcee starting to make some big money.  Frankly, I was a little bit surprised that our boy the Mighty Mos Def didn’t make it anywhere near the list.  I figured after a couple of tours and a big movie or two (Be Kind Rewind), he would have made a bigger splash.  But hey, at least someone made it!

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