B.C. hip-hop artists lend a helping hand

It may not be groundbreaking news, but we have a policy here at 4080 that any time the CBC uses the phrase “fresh rhymes, beats” in an article title, we have have to blog about it. And if you don’t believe this could ever happen, head over to the CBC’s website and prepare to be amazed.

The story itself is actually a pretty positive one.  Thanks to a large government grant the Inuvik Youth Centre in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, brought in four “hip-hop artists” from British Columbia to teach the kids about the creative process.  The grant also allowed them to purchase some fairly heavy duty recording equipment.  

So now kids near the Arctic are learning about making beats and writing rhymes.  Even better, they’re gaining an appreciation of the beauty of art: 

“At first reluctant, students in the English class were reciting their own rhymes by the end of the 80-minute session.

“I heard at the beginning of the class, a few of the girls were like, ‘Aww, I don’t really like poetry. I don’t want to be here.’ And then by the end of that class, watching their performance was really beautiful,” said Emma Tius, another artist and facilitator.”


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