U2 album leaks in amazing display of hubris

Apparently, part of U2’s newest album has been leaked online thanks to some ridiculous and ingenious sleuthing.  Well, sleuthing may be too strong a word for this. 

Basically, Bono was checking out the album at his villa, and since he’s richer than 2/3rds of the world’s economies, he was obviously using a disgusting sound system. 

He was playing the songs so insanely loud, in fact, that a fan was able to sit outside and record the songs and leak them that way.  Now it seems like an honest mistake, because I’m sure Bono just wanted to hear how it sounded before it went public.  But you’d have to be pumping something pretty damn loud (or the “fan” had to be creeping far closer to the house than they want to admit) for something like this to happen.  And it hasn’t stopped the internet peeps from ranting about Bono’s arrogance.

[Source: The Sun via Gizmodo via TorrentFreak]

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