F*** Guitar Hero, here comes DJ Hero

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Those of you who’ve been with us over the past year or so will hopefully notice how far we’ve come.  4080Records has officially passed 500 posts.  That’s a major blogging milestone (one that many sites don’t reach), so we’re understandably proud of it!

And, at the same time, the creators of Guitar Hero have announced what will probably be the dopest game to come out in ages.  DJ Hero.

Here’s what Kotaku, the blog that broke the story, has to report:

In the latest form, the device looks a lot like a simplified DJ Deck. There is a platter for scratching which will act like the strum toggle on a Guitar Hero guitar. Above the platter are three buttons for sampling. The controller also includes a cross fader and a sound effects dial which will act like the whammy bar in Guitar Hero.

Instead of flowing the musical notes down a guitar neck, DJ Hero will flow the music down and around a virtual record in a half arc. Either left top to middle bottom if you are left handed, or right top to middle bottom if you are right handed.

Sounds pretty awesome to me.  But we’ll have to wait and see how the game looks when it comes out.

The video below has nothing to do with it, but it sounds like this guy really wanted it to happen.  And his controller prototype may actually end up looking like the real controller being used.

[Source: Kotaku via Gizmodo]

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