Kanye arrested for assault

Apparently, Kanye West was just arrested for assaulting a photographer. He and his assistant were in the LA airport and I guess Kanye got into a little beef with a random camera dude. He seemed upset, and smashed the camera to the ground.

The annoying celebrity gossip website TMZ was there taping the whole confrontation, so Kanye’s assistant confronted him. The whole thing seemed to go out of control real fast. He’s out on $20,000 bail for “felony vandalism”. It sounds like a serious charge, but since it’s a super-famous celeb versus the paparazzi, I have a distinct feeling he’ll get off just fine.

Pitchfork, the source of this wonderful little article, actually has a link to the video of the incident. So click here if you’re in the mood for some violent voyeurism.

Frankly, I’m not really surprised about this whole thing. Kanye’s got a pretty big ego, and he doesn’t quite seem to understand that the same rules apply to him. So keep an eye on this one, Kanye’s always good for a hyperbole-filled rant (“George Bush doesn’t care about black people”), so you know this one will be good too.

[Source: Pitchfork]

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