The Manifesto is Toronto’s dopest festival

For those of you who live in Toronto, or know anyone who does, tell them to get their asses up this morning to check out The Manifesto.  Billed as Toronto’s “Urban Arts Festival”, it is secretly a giant pile of dopeness wrapped up in a blanket of amazing hip hop.  If that’s not enough of an absurd description for you, let me just tell you that tonight (the last night of the festival, so sorry for the late word) features a free show from some of Canada’s best talent.

The Rascalz, K’Naan and k-os all take the stage, as well as a huge pile of local talent.  Kamau, D-Sisive, and plenty of others.  There’s a fresh foods market, a huge mural, workshops on breakdancing and graf, even tons of non-hip hop related stuff like capoeira and rumba.  

The whole day event is totally free, so get yourself down to Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto anytime between noon and 10 pm today (Sunday) and have yourself a good ol’ time.

The after party?  Good question, Steve.  The after party, at a huge club (Circa), features two of hip hop’s greatest producers/deejays.  DJ Premier AND Pete Rock.  

Man, I can’t even tell you how jazzed I am, so I better see you out there.  Check The Manifesto website for more details.


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