Bless is unexplainable hip hop

Bless, a Canadian emcee, is one of those cats that inexplicably hooked a record deal.  He brought his whole crew along (a crew he calls Platinumberg), and did well enough.  The tracklisting to his album The Book of Bless sees some pretty huge names on there.  Rah Digga, Cappadonna, and Tony Touch all make appearances.  Why? Beats me.

I should give him some credit, he’s not a terrible artist by any means.  I just think he pales in comparison with some of the doper Canadian hip hop we’ve profiled here at 4080.  Put him up against DL Incognito, or K’naan, hell, even against K-os and he doesn’t seem to match up.

But before you call me a hater, I should point out that one of my idols does believe in him.  Guru, of Gangstarr fame took this little kid under his wing, and even let him collab on a track called Never Ending Saga.  Here it is for your listening pleasure, audio only.

I’ll give Bless some credit, his verse does say some pretty decent stuff.

Through all the madness, I managed
To be blessed with a sense to know dough don’t measure success
Cuz even though money is power, it ain’t always respect
Live my life with no regrets, all these heads know the deal
I re-fuse to move, unless I’m doin what I feel

Not the most common thing in hip hop, so I’m happy to hear him say it.

Here’s Something Missing

Bless (and Platinumberg) have actually got a few big coups under their belt.  Two of their tracks were featured in the video game Def Jam and The Fight for New York.  In fact, Bless was even a character!

Frankly, I don’t see the appeal, but if you do, let us know in the comments.

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