Month: September 2008


Previews of Sticky Fingaz’ Hip-Hop Musicals

According to Film Junk, former Onyx rapper Sticky Fingaz has started making movies.  And just not any movies – hip-hop musicals.  It’s definitely an interesting idea, and it’s been by tried before to modest acclaim.  But Sticky Fingaz’ movies, called A Day In The Life and Caught On Tape, appear less likely to garner much […]


Jackson 5 (mostly) reuniting

It’s true.  According to NPR, 4 of the 5 are reuniting at the BMI Urban Awards.  The only one missing?  Michael. If you’ve missed seeing Tito, Jackie, Marlon and Jermaine, feel free to tune right in. I don’t think this means they’re making music or anything like that, but I kind of hope they do. […]

Cool Geek

Shad Parodies The Fresh Prince In New Video

Shad, a talented Canadian emcee who we’ve shown love to before, is making waves on the ‘net for his newest video.  Based on the opening credits of the Fresh Prince, the video for “The Old Prince Still Lives At Home” is simultaneously hilarious and nostalgic.  After all, everyone knows the Fresh Prince intro rap.  Although it gets a little lame at the end, […]

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