A little hip hop history for you

Check out this MetaFilter post for a brief hip hop history lesson.  It’s hyping up a new documentary film called This is the Life.

It’s focus is on The Good Life cafe, a series of emcee workshops and ciphers that is the precursor to Project Blowed.  The true hip hop head swill be nodding along to that name, visions of Aceyalone and Abstract Rude dancing in their heads.

Here’s a quick little peek at the Good Life.

This post also helpfully points out that the most iconic aspect of this open mic series was the release of Beneat the Surface,  a rap compilation produced by OMID.  Chris Schlarb has a fantastic and passionate review of the album.  And one of the links in that metafilter post may actually help you track down a copy.

To support it, I trongly suggest you get your hands on the album.  Beneath the Surface is available on iTunes and on the Amazon MP3 store.

And mad props to MeFi user mediocre for putting the post together.  It’s a great read.

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