7 Things rappers can talk about during the recession

Comedy.com has a biting little post on what rappers can talk about now that many of them aren’t so rich and the economy is tanking.  In times of recession fans don’t really seem to like you rappin about how many Bentleys you have or how you’ve got more money than god.

Frankly, the first thing they talk about is pretty good:

1. Who Rocks the Party?

Remember that? Remember when MCs wanted us to throw our hands in the air and wave them like we just didn’t care? Maybe we should try that again. Because the repo man just took your peanut butter whip, your 20s, your ice and your grillz. And partying is cheaper than spinny jewelry.

or number 3.

3. Being the Best Rapper

Yes, right now only the best rappers rap about being the best rapper. Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, T.I., Kanye, whoever. But that’s because only a handful of people actually seem to be trying to be the best rapper. Or even a good rapper, for that matter. People used to actually brag about how good they were at rapping and not just at showing up on Cribs with a leased house with Craigslist hoes in their leased hot tubs. We’d like to see more of that.

Check out the whole list here.

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