A-Ha video done literally

So a young filmmaker named Dustin McLean (the owner of dustfilms) decided that he was intrigued by making a literal music video.  Basically, taking a video and re-recording the song to literally narrate what’s happening in it.

The results have been hilarious.  Check it out below.

It’s so good even MSNBC is all over it.  Seeing as that this is the internet after all, I’d expect to see a rash of these videos coming out in the next month or so as people try and leap onto this moving bandwagon.  Frankly, this is one of the few times that the vast, vast, vast majority of the Youtube comments have been supportive and happy.  Theres not nearly as much of the ridiculous and snarky sneers that I’m used to.  Way to go Dustin.

Pipe wrench fight.

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