DJ Factor Reps Saskatchewanian Hip-hop

DJ Factor is an up-and-coming dj and producer from Saskatoon, that hotbed of Canadian hip-hop (although, to be fair, the Canadian Praries have been lighting up the northern rap scene recently – consider Cadence Weapon).  Although not yet a household name, Factor’s latest effort, Chandelier, has people talking.  Featuring the likes of Sadat X, Myka 9, Moka Only, and Josh Martinez, the album mixes the electronic-tinged sensibilities of indie-rock with straight-up dope hip-hop.  Check out a couple of his tracks below, courtesty of this interview with Wired.  And, after the jump, the video for “Good Old Smokey.”

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  1. If you’re looking for dope, check out Factor’s older compilation album, Time Invested. One of my favourite albums of all-Canadian hip hop.

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