Hip hop from around the internets (MySpace Monday Makeup)

Please forgive me, I’ve been slacking on my MySpace Monday posts over the last little while, so here I am making it up to you.  Here’s four MySpace Monday posts at the same time!

Little VicNew Beginning


A neat little track produced by Velotz.  It’s got a nice little synth sample in the background (correct me if I’m wrong), and a solid handclap.  The vibe is a little more confrontational than I first expected, but he manages to pull it off.  Little Vic calls out some of the current hip hop stars, dropping the line that “I don’t need T-Pain for a street anthem, I don’t call T-Pain I call Pete Frampton.”

DelaThe Sag ft. Aloe Blacc


Dela is a Parisian producer.  Much like any other producer, he loves him some ancient hip hop samples.  In this case, he uses an old Pharcyde sample to make a fresh new track featuring an unknown emcee called Aloe Blacc.  Aloe doesn’t dissapoint.  His best verse:

“Just like hip hop culture is much more than rap, it was
definition of self and membership to the clan,
men of a certain cloth, but clothing don’t make the man,
status was who was baddest, not being superficial
a situational issue,
humiliators try to affiliate us with thugs,
even though we show love with a pound and a hug.”

I gotta give some love to The1Shanti for being one of the very few Indian-American hip hop artists around.  In fact, he’s quickly becoming one of the most prominent ones, with backing from Afrika Bambaataa (who has granted this kid the right to call himself India Bambaataa) and is signed to Rawkus Records.

Now, Rawkus ain’t what it used to be, but it still has some credibility.

Here’s Inner Voice: [audio:http://cache01-music02.myspacecdn.com/52/std_b1cc103973784cefbdefda08bf12cda7.mp3]

Lastly, here’s Kruse.

This cat has been working with all kinds of big names (well, sort of).  He’s hit the lab with Pigeon John, luckyiam.PSC, Eligh, and half the Living Legends crew.  He’s definitely an up-and-comer in that little zone of hip hop.

Based in LA, Kruse has been working at this for a little while.  Now that he’s hooked up with the Living Legends, I’d keep my eye out for him.  Especially since Grouch seems to be blowing up these days.

Check out True Story,  my favourite track by Kruse.


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