Powell backs Obama

Colin Powell gave a resounding endorsement to Barack Obama recently, and this is a pretty huge development.

He is one of the mot eloquent statesmen to come out of the Republican party in the last few years, and one of the few from the Bush administration that is still looked on with serious amounts of respect.  There was some controversy over  his speeches to the UN about going to war in Iraq.  He essentially fed everyone misinformation about Iraqi WMDs, but in his defence he himself was likely misled.

There is quite a lot of thought that having such a major military figure and a former Secretary of State (and a Republican, no less) wil dramatically help Obama’s numbers in the next little while.  Watch the endorsement:

Now there is a bit of an uproar.  There are plenty of right wing commentators who are claiming it’s all about race, that Powell’s only endorsing Obama because they’re both black.  Frankly, I think that’s absurd and offensive.  You can attack Powell for being an opportunist, or being a bandwagon jumper, but I think it’s quite wrong to denigrate the decision of a respected politician in this manner.

Let us know what you thinkk.

[Source: BBC]

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