McCain supporters are not racist

There has been an increasing amount of talk about how McCain’s supporters (well, mainly on the Palin side) have begun a pretty vicious campaign and there has been an increasing amount of vitriolic racial attacks.  A lot of emphasis on Obama being a secret Muslim,  or calling him an Arab, or a lot of things.

Blogger Interrupted has posted a video detailing some of the ignorant attacks of SOME of the attendees.  With thousands of ralliers, it’s not surprising that you find some people like that.

What was more surprising was that finally, John McCain began to calm things down.  He took a step back and actually disputed some of his supporters.  In fact, one moment I can be proud of, he directly told the crowd that they did not need to be afraid of Obama.   He did, however, stop short of saying what Colin Powell did in his endorsement the other day: that even if Obama was a Muslim, that shouldn’t be an insult or a weakness.

Here’s a video of a brief moment:

The best thing I’ve seen so far, is the reaction of a few smart McCain supporters to xenophobic McCain supporters.  They essentially yelled at them till they left.   I think it does go to show that despite accusations from both sides, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

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