Why Ludacris should stay out of politics

So Luda, like a lot of hip hop artists, supports Obama.  Unfortunately, his efforts to produce a pro-Obama song haven’t really worked that well.

First of all, Obama rejected the song because it was too contraversial.  That’s a smart move on his part because the right-wing has really capitalized on it.

The lyrics are typically bombastic, but there are some seriously bad judgment errors.  For example, in the track Ludacris called Hillary Clinton a bitch.  Not the best move to keep the party united, so it’s no wonder Obama had to distance himself really quickly.

If anything, he’s doing way more harm than good.  He should live the political arena alone, or at least pull a Puffy and focus on trying to get youth out to vote.  No one needs to hear Luda’s opinions, but he can still be a positive force.

You can actually listen to it below.

[Source: LA Times]

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