Officials foil ‘plot’ to kill Obama

In what is basically breaking news, law enforcement officials in the US have “broken” a plot to kill Barack Obama.

The plot itself does lack some credibility, but I’m happy that the security officials took it so seriously.  In essence, this is what transpired:

Two neonazi skinhead douchebags (one of them pictured on the left) met on the internet, decided they needed to kill some people.  These idiots hatched a plan to murder 102 people by attacking a primarily black school.  Then, they would drive at Obama really fast and try shooting at him from the windows of their car.  Oh, and the whole time they’d be dressed in white suits with white tophats.

It sounds like something out of a movie, right?  Wrong.   This was actually their plan.  In fact, they were aware of its flaws and intended on dying during the ‘mission.’  This was, in essentially, a suicide mission.  The worry is that this really does highlight the underlying racial tension that is present during this electoral campaign.

Personally, I think that these two idiots are not representative of anyone.  They’re extremists, plain and simple, and deserve punishment.

[Source: The Guardian]

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