Hip hop puppets – Kanye loves them

It’s Pitchfork week here or something, but here we go again.

So now the ‘fork has let us know that Kanye has joined forces with Rhymefest to produce a puppet show.   Apparently, it’s literally a hip hop muppet show called Alligator Boots.

Different celebrities will host it each week and I guess it’s meant to be more of a comedy.  Rhymefest gave an interview to  SOHH.com where he expanded on the idea a little bit.

It’s kinda like ’30 Rock’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’ put together,” Fest continued.  “The show is about these puppets that are trying to put on this sketch parody variety type of show and you see sketches and pieces and bits but you also see behind the scenes them just trying to get to work.”

Anyone who has read Kanye’s blog

So picture this, but better:

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