KRS-One welcomes Soulja Boy

The mere thought of this makes me cringe, due to my uncontrollable hate on Soulja Boy.  But it’s true.  The teacher himself made the statement on BET.

BET was holding a little talking heads show that involved Soulja Boy and KRS-One discussing their different perceptions on what hip hop means.

Just to prove my point, Soulja Boy apparently views 50 Cent as “old school”.  Tell me it’s hard not to bristle at that.

KRS-One had this to say:

“It’s easy to sit behind a computer and diss and talk. But to meet a man face to face and say ‘look, we appreciate you, we respect you, but this is where we need you to be to keep our legacy alive.’ Soulja Boy respected that totally.”

In case you’re wondering, the “sit behind a computer” comment is squarely aimed at Ice-T.  On this one, I’m probably going to have to side against you, KRS.  I think Soulja Boy is not the way to go.  I don’t welcome him to hip hop, but I appreciate him getting people to have a good time.  His style is just not what hip hop means to me, on a personal level.

Still, nice to see people out there actually discussing things like rational adults.

[Source: HipHopDX]

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