Classic beats reborn: DUB MD presents “Hip Hop Renatus”

Hip Hop Renatus is the latest mixtape burnin’ up the interweb.  Presented by DUB MD – admittedly a cat I’ve never heard of – Renatus features a host of up-and-coming wordsmiths spitting hot 16s over “new, rare, classic and unreleased” beats by hip-hop’s finest producers: Dilla, Primo, Madlib, Pete Rock, Large Pro, 9th Wonder and more.

Apparently, ‘renatus’ means rebirth in Latin.  And on this album, DUB MD and his guests do just that by providing new life to some absolutely bananas beats.

In DUB MD’s own words, the project is “thirty four tracks [of] raw, authentic, no [apologies] Hip Hop music.”

Check out some of the tracks below, then head over to 2dopeboyz to download it for yourself.

Dominique Larue – Role Play (Produced by 9th Wonder)


Cy Young aka Cyrano – OK Corral (Produced by Madlib)


Arsun F!st – I’m In Here (Produced by Marco Polo)


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