MySpace Monday: Shwayze

My goodness it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but thanks to little extra free time, 4080Records is proud to bring back the ever-popular MySpace Monday posts.

So everyone,  put your hands together and welcome Shwayze.  This trio from California is all about the party jams and really don’t attempt to hide it.  Well, sort of trio.  it’s Shwayze, Cisco Adler and DJ Skeet Skeet coming together to from some sort of so-cal hilarity.

It all depends on the vibe you’re going for and the track you choose, but these guys traverse the gambit from roller disco to a little more ballady.

Rich Girls sounds like the type of jam you expect to hear in a Starsky and Hutch flashback sequence, but definitely gets your head nodding along.

Check out Rich Girls here: [audio:]

Now, I wanted to make it clear that we here at 4080 have nothing against party jams or silly dance music.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Despite my rather scathing review of Common’s latest effort, my hate is more frmo the fact that he’s abandoning his previous history for something more mainstream.  If you’ve always been about the party, then it’s not really so much of an issue.

To give you a taste of something a little different that’s more croony than anything else.  Here’s Corona and Lime.  Definitely not lyrical genius or anything like that,  but may be fun if you’re looking for some summertime music in the middle of this cold, dark winter.  [audio:]

Definitely check these guys out, it may be a good thing to pass on to friends who aren’t so into hip hop,

If you want to hear more check out their MySpace or grab their free mixtape here.

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