Wu-Tang film coming out

Wu: The Story of The Wu-Tang Clan is a documentary film that traces the rise and fall of the infamous Wu-Tang clan.

It looks like a pretty interesting take on their storied career.  NPR reports that the film is partly a biography, and partly just a kick ass hip hop movie.

I appreciate their focus on the fact that the Clan came from Staten Island and did their best to represent it wherever they were.  At that time, hip hop was clearly more territorial than it is now, and there was a major feud between East and West Coast rappers.

Beyond just their various personalities, this film does a fantastic job of showing you all the ways Wu-Tang changed the game.  Both from an artistic perspective and a business standpoint.  Without their influence, emceees these days wouldn’t be able to hold all the copyright, or necessarily produce for others freely.  Hell, these kids apparently were all allowed to have their own solo deals on other labels.

That’s impressive.

Check the story out.

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