Year: 2009


Imeem goes bye bye

This may not be something that really affects any of us, in the end, but I think it’s worth noting nonetheless.  You may have noticed that we’ve embedded quite a few tracks from imeem over the years.  It’s been a simple and convenient to showcase a whole variety of tracks. But imeem isn’t gone.  They […]


Three best mixtapes of ’09

It’s nearly the end of the calendar year (and the decade!), which means only one thing: ‘best of’ lists.  Yep, it’s that magical time when critics, fans and musicians announce their favourite music of the last 365 days and, for those more ambitious, the last 3,650 days. So it seems only right for us to […]


Prisoners do MC Hammer

Just a fun little thing to pass the time.  Ever wonder what a whole bunch of prisoners look like while dancing to Soulja Boy and MC Hammer?  No?  Too bad.  Watch anyways. Inmates Do Soulja Boy and Hammer – Watch more Funny Videos


Shameless plug for TuneUp and Biz Markie

I honestly wouldn’t even think about shilling for a company normally, but somehow this commercial hits the exact right spot for me.  It gets my need to be organized, and it makes Biz Markie do something ridiculous.  So yes, in return for creating something funny like this and having it go viral, I guess they […]

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