Lupe Fiasco pretends to be British

insight-mar07-mailbox-sentrThe crew over at Pitchfork has given us a heads up about Lupe Fiasco’s latest effort.

Although he denies it, Fiasco’s been linked to Japanese Cartoon, the latest awful rap-rock hybrid beast.  And Lupe is the lead singer.  With a faux-British accent as his alter-ego Percival Fats.

That just seems hard to believe.

Although I’ve got mad love for Lupe (Food and Liquor was an amazing album), this band is not very good.  Frankly, I think his skills as a lyracist are better suited to hip hop than to rock.

But you can see for yourself by checking out the Japanese Cartoon MySpace here.

Check out Army, it is…something.  To be fair, Heirplanes isn’t that bad, but it’s really not great either.

[Source: Pitchfork]

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