Jaydiohead is nothing to laugh at

Minty Fresh Beats has put together the latest Jay-Z mashup and is currently blowing up all over the internet.

Who is it with, you may ask? Surely it would be nearly impossible to top Dangermouse’s The Grey Album! That one mixed Hova with the freakin Beatles.

Well, Minty Fresh Beats taken it a step further and created Jaydiohead, a mashup of Jay-Z with various big Radiohead songs.  This isn’t a two-album mashup, but instead is a product of many hours of work, putting Jay-Z vocals overtop of re-chopped Radiohead beats whever they fit.

Any of you who listen to Radiohead can probably attest to the fact that those cats are not known for keeping their beats steady, so it must have been a hell of a challenge to put this together.

It’s a free download, so go check it out.  Or if you want to sample it, you can stream it here.

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