Joaquin Phoenix launches hip-hop career

Yes, you read that right: Joaquin Phoenix, the star of Hollywood blockbusters like Walk the Line and Gladiator, has decided to give up acting and pic up the mic.

According to one online source, Phoenix recently performed “three hip-hop tracks from his forthcoming album for a full house at nightclub LAVO in Sin City on Friday (16Jan09).”

Fortunately, someone in the crowd with a camera captured Phoenix’s (whose hip-hop name is as yet unknown) public debut as an emcee.  Check it out below:

And while he’s clearly no Common, dude is at least committed: “Are there people out there who think I’m a joke?,” he asked after the show.  “I’m sure there will be. Are there people who think it’s going to suck? Probably, but I can’t worry about that.”

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