MySpace Monday: Busdriver

Busdriver is an eclectic rapper, busting out a tremendous variety of styles.  It’s hard to even pin him down to just one type of rap.

He got his start and got super into hip hop thanks to some visits to the Good Life Cafe (a place I would give my left arm to have attended) and has kept a somewhat low profile since then.

You won’t have heard Busdriver on any big label releases, but he’s become a staple of the scene that emerged from the Good Life.  He’s worked with Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Myka 9 and that whole crew.  But he is super talented, and there’s no disputing it.  Below is Imaginary Places, by far his biggest hit.

Most people underestimate the time and energy it would take to write a fast rap like Imaginary Places.  Seriously, it’s almost like writing a whole extra track and trying to make the whole thing flow together.  Plus, this video is pretty awesome.

Check out his MySpace to hear a bit more.

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