Desperate Man Blues

Pitchfork TV has a quick trailer about Desperate Man Blues.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, it’s a documentary about Joe Bussard, one of the most prolific record collectors in recent memory.

This guy collected 25,000 records, mainly blues, folk and gospel.  In fact, he ran a record label that tried to reissue many of these old recordings.

He probably did more to preserve music than almost anyone I can think of.  It’s a pretty fascinating look at what drives someone to do that.  Check it out below, and do your best to find a copy of the full documentary.

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  1. You can watch the whole movie at Pitchfork for ‘one week only’ and you can buy the DVD and CD soundtrack pretty much anywhere but to make it easy Pitchfork have a link directly to a store.

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