Funktuall’s plea

Fu-quon posted about DJ Funktuall back in April of 2008 and I’ve been trying to follow him ever since.  He’s been a prolific YouTube poster and has prodced a number of great videos talking about amazing samples in hip-hop history.  In fact, he’s done a tremendous amount to try and redirect hip hop heads back to their roots.  Unlike many other sample records that just try and get famous by ratting out who uses which sample, Funktuall seems to show a genuine love for both the original artist and the new act.

Now he’s put up a pretty sincere rant about the copyright police taking aim at YouTube which I think is fully worth posting.

Without people who do mashups and their own music videos to songs, YouTube would be nothing but bad sketch comedy, videos about kittens, and all kinds of bad softcore.  Here’s hoping someone takes notice.

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