4080 weighs in on the Chris Brown fiasco

chris-brown-jv25I guarantee most of you readers have heard about the whole Chris Brown beating Rihanna situation.  It’s been all over the news for a while and frankly I think it’s incredibly absurd that this could happen.  I’m definitely with the crowd that’s reacting strongly to violence against women.  It’s unacceptable and genuinely makes me angry to hear about.

Still, I think my outrage pales in comparison to that of the black community.  This is an interesting phenomenon that has been popping up.  Besides Terrance Howard being a doofus and supporting Chris, most people seem to recognize the offensiveness of his actions.  The black community (if you think that there is one identifiable community) has reacted strongly and condemned Brown for what he allegedly did.

This ABC News article seems to do the best job so far of describing this reaction.  It especially seems to focus on this concept of violence as being a silent problem in the past.  Basically, the author suggests that the black community has tended to be more silent about victimizing women.  Now I’m not sure I agree with this as an idea, but it’s an interesting perspective.

Now, I want to make sure to be clear that we here at 4080 strongly condemn Brown’s actions.  The police should complete their investigation and he should be charged and prosecuted accordingly.

But, as that ABC article points out, there is a big impact on the kids who, at one point, idolized Brown.  He was a safer, cleaner entry into hip hop.  A guy who, at the very least, seemed to play nice.  Taking away this positive role model needs to be done carefully.  And, then again, there should be hope for reforming him as well.  Perhaps we really can turn this into something positive by demonstrating how acting this way will get you punished.  Brown just must do his best to gain forgiveness.

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