Month: March 2009

Awareness Geek no longer free

In what can only be described as a terrible move,, one of the traditional bastions of free streaming music, has decided that they will begin charging money to use it. But only if you live outside the US, UK, and Germany.  An odd combination of countries, I guess, but understandable at the same time.  […]


Shad at the alt.sessions

Shad and DJ Teelo performed at Sonic Boom, a big Toronto record store for alt. sessions.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, alt. sessions is a Canadian TV show that basically follows artists around and captures them performing some signature tracks in different settings. It airs on, a music website trying […]


Fox mocks Canada’s commitment to Afghanistan

I know “Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld” on Fox is supposed to be entertaining.  It’s a talk show that covers a variety of topics.  Everything from awful celebrity gossip to things that may sometimes pass as news. But this is a disgrace.  Fox, and Gutfeld in particular, cowardly mocks the planned Canadian withdrawal from Afghanistan […]


MC Joaquin Phoenix update

On the topic of the world’s craziest celebrity, there have been a few developments.  50 Cent has now come out and said he’s willing to mentor Phoenix. As much of a doof as 50 Cent is, he does make one good point. “He should write about the things that he has real interest in, the […]

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