About.com makes dumb choices for most anticipated albums


About.com,  that internet dumping ground for random trivia has released a “Most Anticipated Hip Hop Albums of 2009” list and, in my opinion, they made some terrible choices.  Henry Adaso, the author, fills his list with popular choices that don’t really reflect much in the way of critical thought.

Especially albums 10-20, many of these albums are ‘anticipated’ mainly because of their mainstreamness and not because of any actual talent.  Somehow, Chamillionaire’s follow-up effort sneaks in at number 20.  I don’t think I know anyone who is waiting for the Ridin Dirty star’s next album with baited breath.  He also includes the new album by 50 Cent, and another Tha Carter effort by Lil Wayne.

Thankfully, the author saves himself with his 1-10 most anticipated albums.  In these, he sneaks Mos Def’s The Eclectic, which I think everyone in the world should hear.  As well, he lets slip that OutKast is supposed to drop a joint new album (Big Boi’s solo album comes in at number 11 on this list too).

I think most interesting is their rumor about Lupe’s supposedly final effort, LupEND.  They claim this will be a 3 disc effort.  So I feel like that one shouldn’t be slept on.  Considering one of their most anticipated albums is Jay-Z’s latest The Blueprint 3, I don’t think anyone is really taking seriously the idea that Lupe may really be finished.

Even though I’m not necessarily waiting for it myself, I completely understand why Dr Dre’s Detox is sitting pretty at #2.  Dre has been a pioneer for hip hop and people have been desperate for something amazing ever since The Chronic.   However, I can’t get behind the author’s incredible love for Eminem.

Adaso says “Any hip-hop fan who isn’t looking forward to Eminem‘s new album either needs to check his pulse or find a new hobby. Or both.” Frankly, that’s just dumb.  I respect Em for his skills and think he’s managed to do something many others haven’t.  He made a successful movie, is undeniably talented, and broke into hip hop in a big way.  However, I don’t think The Relapse will change my life.  Slim Shady is alright, but give me the Mighty Mos Def any day of the week.

[Source: About.com]

2 Replies to “About.com makes dumb choices for most anticipated albums”

  1. Hey, thanks for linking to my article. I really appreciate it.

    Keep in mind that I picked those albums based on chatter and expectations. They’re not based on talent or quality as you rightly noted. Regardless of your opinion on 50 and Em, they still have millions of fans who hold their breaths for new albums.

    Mos Def’s album is a must-hear, one of the year’s best. I’m glad we can agree on that.

  2. Thanks for the post, H. I definitely understand where you’re coming from and I respect the fact you’re keeping up with what the charts are telling you. I guess I was just hoping to see some albums slip in purely on merit, even if the expectations weren’t that high.

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