MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice sell out a show

This is not a lie.  Somehow, someone thought it was a great idea to get Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer together for a show.   And that someone thought that Utah was a good place to have the show.

That someone was right.

Orem, Utah, about an hour drive from Salt Lake City was the host to an epic reunion.  One that will leave people talking.  Because they managed to see MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice perform together.  In 2009.

Newsweek does a pretty good job of summing things up, and the author seems as bewildered by this as I am.

“The idea of an MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice concert in Utah raises a lot of questions. On second thought, it’s just one question—why?—but it comes in two varieties. There are the nuts-and-bolts whys, which we can tick off now. Why would either Hammer or Ice do a concert to begin with?”

The truth is probably that they needed the money.  Former celebrities are clearly not in the best financial shape, especially in the current economy.  No one is immune to the housing crisis, and many people richer than I am have lost their savings betting on this awful market.

And people really got into it.  They embraced this retro fad and showed up in costume.  Though, what’s funny to me is that apparently many of the people who went there were barely alive when Hammer was popular.

“The majority of the crowd falls into the late-teen, early 20s range. They aren’t the ones who bought Hammer’s and Ice’s records the first time around. They got their nostalgia secondhand, from VH1’s ceaseless “I Love the ’80s” and “Awesomely Bad” specials, from iTunes recommendations, from “Family Guy,” which derives a solid half of its humor from arcane pop-culture references.”

I thoroughly enjoy the idea that these people are only starting to get into things now.  They missed the awesomeness the first time around, but they’re getting into it now.

For many of these people, it was probably the best $40 they’ve spent.  I know I sure as well would have gone.  Especially since Ice did the Ninja Rap.

[Source: Newsweek]

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