“Help the Police” and other NWA covers and redubs

Imitation is clearly the most sincere form of flattery, and even Ice Cube is not immune to it.  It has become a bit of a meme to do “clean” covers, or at least very satirical covers of ancient and angry hip hop anthems.  NWA is a particular favourite because of the unrivaled vitriol of some of their lyrics.

Adam Buxton of the BBC showcased this trend in his show Rush Hour.  His version Help the Police, is decently funny but really surprisingly well-executed.  And perhaps it highlights more than just an attempt at comedy.  Most people are so afraid by the true anger of the NWA rhymes, and want to censor it.  This idea of protecting people from the angry black men isn’t new, though maybe it’s going through a bit of a resurgence.

Or, if you’re more into acoustic stuff, here’s Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt covering Straight out of Compton.  There’s something entirely surreal about hearing a nerdy white girl dropping the n-bomb.  If you search YouTube a little more, I guarantee you’ll find dozens of other covers of Cube, which  is obviously a good way to spend your Sunday.

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