MC Joaquin Phoenix update

On the topic of the world’s craziest celebrity, there have been a few developments.  50 Cent has now come out and said he’s willing to mentor Phoenix.

As much of a doof as 50 Cent is, he does make one good point.

“He should write about the things that he has real interest in, the things he has been influenced by. Because, when an artist writes something that’s totally away from their experience period, it can’t be embraced.”

He’s actually right about that one.  It’s way smarter to just embrace what you are then to put on any kind of crazy front.  That’s part of the reason I’ve never been able to respect people like Chamillionaire.  It’s all front.

But no matter what, he’s been even more on a tear lately.  Apparently, he was dropping some rhymes when someone  heckled him.  Understandably, he was mad.  He allegedly jumped off stage and chased after the guy.

The whole thing is hilarious and probably is staged.  I’m not sure if this is Joaquin’s way of gaining a rep for something (perhaps a movie, or maybe he really does want to be a rap star).  Still, I sort of wish he’d tone it down.  If he wants to give hip hop a shot, he should be spending time writing rhymes and not freaking out.

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