Kutiman’s Thru You project shows the power of YouTube

kutimanYou would be hard pressed not to have heard of Kutiman these days.  This guy is setting the internet on fire with this Thru You project.  This is basically a YouTube mashup where Kutiman splices together various YouTube videos into one seamless new track.

It’s a pretty interesting project and truly does highlight jsut how innovative people are these days.

So far, it’s a seven and a half song series, and each one has it’s own unique flavour to it. They’re all embedded below so you can pick and choose your favourite ones. I’m partial to track 3 I’m New, and track 7 Just a Lady.

01 – Mother of All Funk Chords

02 – This Is What It Became

03 – I’m New

04 – Babylon Band

05 – Someday

06 – Wait For Me

07 – Just a Lady

The reason why I say seven and a half is that the 8th video in the series is him explaining this project and how he did it.  It’s interesting watching and you can view it here.

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