Month: March 2009

Geek Music

Daft Punk Console is an e-MPC

The Daft Punk Console is a pretty fun little flash thing to play with.  The folks over at put this together. Basically, you use your keyboard to control the buttons on the screen.  Each key corresponds to a different word from “Harder Better Faster Stronger”.  There’s no beat to it, so that’s something you’ll […]


MF Doom changing his name too

MF Doom is going the way of Lil Bow Wow and changing his moniker.  No, he’s not going back to Viktor Vaughan, he’s decided to rename himself DOOM. That’s right.  According to Pitchfork, it’s DOOM, all in capitals. It’s a strange choice, but one that may kind of work for him.  He’s been away from […]


Peter, Bjorn and John turn hip hop

Peter, Bjorn and John, one of the biggest indie darling groups around has apparently tossed in a brief “hip hop” track on their latest album. Rolling Stone is all over it.  They describe the new track as: “Nothing to Worry About” layers a heavy boom-bap, some funked-up bass licks and electro hand-claps with a crew […]

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