Month: April 2009


Slap Chop Remix

This is not even remotely hip hop, and really not even that great.  It’s only getting a post  because I have this weird fascination with Vince, the Shamwow/Slapchop guy.  He’s a crazy, crazy man.  He hosts infomercials, is in this intense feud with Scientology after getting kicked out, and recently got arrested for punching a […]


Best Buy May Start Selling Vinyl Records

Gizmodo – Best Buy May Start Selling Vinyl Records – Vinyl. This is just plain fantastic news overall.  Gizmodo is reporting that Best Buy may start selling vinyl in their stores. Now, this definitely is a double-edged sword.  On one hand, this means we’ll see a ton more reissues and a lot of new people […]

Art Music

We got time

Moray McLaren, a band you’ve probably never heard of, has put out an astounding new video for the track We Got Time.  It features a type of animation known as a zoetrope, often done on a turntable.  Basically the idea is you draw your images on a disc, and spin it around with a reflective […]

Hip-hop Film

Watch the Gorilllaz documentary online

Gorillaz, that animated band with a rotating membership has finally got a documentary out.  For those fo you unfamiliar, Gorillaz has been formed as this odd cyber-group that has a variety of people who contribute.  Damon Albarn, most famous for his gig with Blur, has joined forces with a plethora of other superstars.  And yet […]


Hilarious old school mixtape

Oh readers.  Gizmodo, everyone’s favourite geek blog, has been running an audio-themed segment for the last little while. The focus of the latest post is on the art of the mixtape, with the author waxing nostalgic about his favorite mixtape.  Why was he so proud of this one particular mixtape?  Easy.  Classic hip hop joints, […]

Awareness Music

New Rock the Bells lineup announced in the best way

This year’s Rock the Bells lineup is dope, don’t get me wrong, but nothing will be able to match the first couple of years.  Still, this year gives it a good run for its money, especially with their hype machine. Check out Supernatural freestyling the entire lineup.  It will blow your mind. Guerilla Union/Myspace: Rock […]


Billy Bob Thornton is not a nice guy

I swear we won’t make this a habit to report on crazy celebrities, but in the spirit of what we’re trying to do here at 4080, I thought we owe you all a post on this issue. I admit we’re not exactly top notch journalists over here, but I do think the team here approaches […]

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