“I be glad it’s night like she the Pips”

Music6 Comments on “I be glad it’s night like she the Pips”

“I be glad it’s night like she the Pips”

Here’s a couple of new mixtapes for your listening pleasure:

First up is a 19-track effort from JHawk, a 17-year old LA producer. If you like minimalist, synth-heavy hip-hop a la NERD plus dope verses (e.g. this post’s title), I’d definitely recommend checking out Jerkin with JHawk Volume 1.

Next is a beat compilation courtesy of Wake Your Daughter Up.  Featuring jazzy and souled-out samples layered over crisp drums, Drumat!c’s SKOOL+PRACTICE is well worth a listen.

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6 thoughts on ““I be glad it’s night like she the Pips”

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