Best Buy May Start Selling Vinyl Records

Gizmodo – Best Buy May Start Selling Vinyl Records – Vinyl.

This is just plain fantastic news overall.  Gizmodo is reporting that Best Buy may start selling vinyl in their stores.

Now, this definitely is a double-edged sword.  On one hand, this means we’ll see a ton more reissues and a lot of new people getting into vinyl.  The downside is that it takes part of the joy away from crate digging.

The thing is, I think more so than anything else it’ll be a good thing.  There’s still gonna be a huge market out there for rare discs and good hip hop heads will always keep digging.  Just because you’ll see hundreds more copies of Boston and Michael Jackson out there, doesn’t take away from that legit first pressing of Curtis you found under a bin at a garage sale.

Instead, this makes it easier for a lot of kids to start getting into the genre.  Just like all music, you gotta start somewhere.  And I’d rather have a kid picking up a reissue of Kind of Blue then the latest Pussycat Dolls album.  Then again, we may start seeing all kinds of awful pop vinyl coming out.

Hey, at the very least, we may see some pretty creative mixes coming through.

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  1. Peace and Blessings.

    Family, if memory serves you all are in Canada. Any word on if this is rolling out in the US?

    Regardless, to me its a good thing. From what i have seen, heads today don’t know what a crate is. If some of the next (from my standpoint: next, next, next) generation discover the smell of a brand new record, the feel of cutting it and it enhances their love of music. Teaching them that music (and spinning, specifically) is an expression and an art form, that’s a beautiful thing.

    I prefer Hip Hop vinyl be a healthy part of what’s available (we have been a major factor in keeping the format alive) and that it not be too pricey… But providing that’s not too tall an order, not only am i happy to hear it, but i kinda hope it deals a blow to Walmart. God knows they could use a good spanking.

    One Love,
    Curry Kid

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