Monthly Archives: June 2009


4080Records Presents: Freestyle Love Supreme

These cats are just shockingly talented, I think.

The doper of these rappers is actually a Broadway star, having written his own musical called “In the Heights”.  Google that shit, or go see it if you can.  This thing has one 4 Tony awards already!

More impressively, the kids of Freestyle Love Supreme put on a show every few weeks in NYC, and would be worth going to see I think.  Their blend of comedy and hip hop is an interesting take on the freestyle kick, replacing the innate combativeness with a touch of humor.

Check out the CollegeHumor video below for a taste.


Analog Giant: Wale featuring Lady Gaga video.

Analog Giant, a blog I tend to like for the most part, posted this monstrosity of a video.  To be fair to them, they didn’t endorse it at all.

This is a Wale and Lady Gaga collabo.  I think my head just snapped thinking about it.

Up until this point I’ve been a fan of Wale.  He’s been a pretty good performer and adventurous, to boot.  He put out the Mixtape about Nothing a while back, which was a Seinfeld-based rap album.

This is too far.  It’s almost like he’s trying to be Kanye.  Maybe it was meant to be ironic?  I can only hope so.


Free music from Del the Funky Homosapien

Huge props to p.o.b over at Metafilter for posting this.   Apparently Del decided that people need a bit of a pick-me-up in these tough economic times, so he has released a couple of small EPs for free (and legal) download.  The two song packs available for free download aren’t very long or anything, but they are definitely worth checking out.

Click on the links above to stream them before you download.